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Euphoria. That’s what we’re aiming for with our inflatables. We want you to laugh so much you can hardly breathe. We want you to jump and climb and slip and fall with gusto, without fear of getting hurt. With inflatables, it’s about being a kid. It’s about adventure and challenge. Laughter is our anthem at M&K Parties. But our company doesn’t mess around when it comes to fun. Part of that means providing safe, durable inflatables so that no kid gets injured while they’re going bonkers on the Velcro Wall or jumping around the Fun House. With each product we rent, we’ll also let you know what safety guidelines and age groups are appropriate for its use.

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 Bouncy Inflatables

Giant Slides: Here’s where kids of all ages will test their courage to climb high and then feel the immediate reward of a downhill swoosh.

Velcro Wall: Kids of all ages will have fun bouncing around and sticking to our Velcro wall. They’ll have a blast choosing wild poses to freeze in and their imagination will run wild: They’ll be a spider one minute and a fridge magnet the next!

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Interactive Sports

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Slides & Obstacles

Interactive Sports Inflatables

T-ball: Batter up! This is a one-player game meant to test your little one’s skills with a “bat.”

Slide Obstacle Course: 2 people race through an inflatable maze!

Mike’s Little Train

  • Our trackless train ride can be enjoyed by children and adults of all ages, and it is ideal for school events, company picnics and more. Since Mike’s Little Train doesn’t require a track, it can travel pretty much anywhere you need it to, like parking lots, flat grass fields or residential streets.

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